Traversing Soul Coffee

Traversing Soul means more than a coffee brand, it stands for self expression, an exploring nature, to try new things, be who you want to be and live. The word traverse means to travel through or across, your job is, when you are drinking Traversing Soul Coffee imagine yourself in your #1 dream adventure/location and breathe. Now, what is stoping you from getting there?

Why mix coffee and yoga? The simple answer for me is happiness. Coffee really and truly makes me happy. I enjoy it in moderation (most days), and to practice moderation is using the Yama called “Brahmacharya”. It was said back in the day that coffee was no good for health but now with new studies coming out that true is being rewritten. Coffee has benefits including reduced depression, boosts energy, and so much more. I know, I know, you could probably go for a cup right now.

The beans are roasted at Villa Myriam Coffee Roasters, located in Albuquerque NM. VM coffee in well known in the city for having the highest quality beans that hold a ton of meaning. Below is a quote shared from their website.

“The production and roasting of coffee is a honed art, and mastering its techniques and strategy takes time, talent, and above all, tradition. The history of Villa Myriam is steeped in this tradition, coming from a humble beginning.”

With good coffee and a set plan, anything can be accomplished. Grab your mat, friends, and some traversing soul coffee. It’s time to live!!! I’ll See you out there!

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