Meet Your Yoga Instructors

Meet Tianna R, RYT – 200 HR

“My name is Tianna. I’m a yoga instructor and occupational therapist. I love to teach a little bit of everything- vinyasa, yin yoga , unity yoga, and hot yoga. My favorite thing about yoga is finding alignment with the pose and myself, strengthening my muscles through practice, and challenging myself in balance poses. I love how yoga allows me to be my best self and feel amazing. Which is why I love to teach yoga and bring it to others.”

Meet Kaleb A, RYT- 200 HR

“I made a left turn at Albuquerque in 2013… and called New Mexico home ever since. After serving as a linguist in the US Navy, I was a professional competitive ballroom dancer & teacher until the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic. Lockdowns have made it abundantly clear that a healthy movement practice is critical for the body & mindfulness for overall mental wellness. As such I became a RYT-200 HR certified under the fabulous and local Sweat Yoga Studio and The internationally known YogaSix brand. I promise to hold a safe, inclusive and harmonious space for my students to experience dynamic and goal-oriented yoga classes. I hope attending students will find my classes a breath of fresh air: invigorating and fulfilling. Expect a balanced, “whole-istic” and user-friendly class with breath-led cues, dynamic movements and clinically-based alignments. 
I am also a licensed Holistic Health Facilitator, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Instructor and certified in acupressure and Emotional Freedom Techniques.”

Meet Chloe B, RYT-200 HR

My name is Chloe (she/her), I am a RYT 200 hr graduate of SWEAT Yoga School and a 500-hour comprehensive Pilates instructor and I describe myself as a forever student. I flow through life with curiosity and love challenging the body and mind. My teaching philosophy is to use movement as a tool not only to strengthen and honor the body, but as a way to empower every yogi to embody freedom through mind, body, and breath. As with the many aspects of life, there are equally as many ways of being a yogi- and my inclusive, judgment-free classes stand true to this. I see every movement, and space between, as a doorway for students to connect with themselves on a deeper level and root down in perseverance, strength, and humility. In my classes I promise to push my students physically, while also challenging the mind encouraging words are sure to leave you feeling better than you came! I can’t wait to meet you on the mat and share this beautiful practice with you!

Meet Jessica A, RYT- 200 HR

“Hello My Name is Jessica Alexsandra, I received my RYT 200HR certification from Blissful Spirits Albuquerque in 2018, and have been teaching locally since. I found yoga during a life altering time in my journey and it was something that empowered me. It was both challenging, humbling, but also healing. I knew right then and there I wanted to Share this practice with everyone. I love to challenge my students both physically and mentally, encouraging them to ride their edge and step outside of their comfort zone. I welcome yogis from all walks of life, in all stages of their practice, to join me in a mutual pursuit of balance And healing; mind, Body, and Soul. See you on your mat”

Meet Tessa J, RYT 200 HR

” Hey there, everyone! Tessa here, I received my certification in 2021 and have been practicing since I was 19 (little sad I didn’t discover yoga sooner). I am an Occupational therapy assistant working full time in a skilled nursing facility. My job can be hard and that is when I turn to what helps me most… can you guess it? I love what yoga can do for me not only physically but also keeping my mind at ease, it’s a form of therapy. My favorite thing to offer my students is creating a fun space where they can just let go of all the expectations that come along with the practice of yoga. I also love meeting new people and connecting with the community. So come join me. let’s have some yoga fun!”

Meet Alyssa Y, RYT 200 HR

“My yoga journey began in 2017 when I moved from upstate NY to TX, and I discovered the healing impact yoga had on my life – spiritually, mentally and physically. It showed up just at the right time. Yoga has helped me learn to move intentionally, embrace the moment, and most importantly…breathe! After a lot of reflecting in 2020, I wanted to give back as a teacher and completed my RYT-200 certification at Gaia Flow Yoga in Plano, TX, the same studio that sparked this journey. Being a teacher has allowed me to share my love for the practice and my hope is for students find the same healing. It’s always important to me to incorporate different variations of poses throughout class. That is the true beauty of the practice – there’s always a place to go! No matter if you’re looking for a gentle practice or a challenge, my goal is help you find that place. I can’t wait to meet you on the mat!”

Meet Shelbie, RYT 200 HR

“With my certifications (CPT, CNC, YT-200, Reiki, SURFSET) my passion burns deep in wanting to help people find peace through physical fitness. Having five-plus years of experience practicing, teaching, and coaching in Albuquerque’s health industry-guiding diverse clients to successfully achieve health and wellness goals. I am always up for a new challenge to take my mind, body, and spirit to the next level. Yoga training has effectively changed my life by shifting patterns and finding balance. I have found that yoga is a way of life and a constant practice of learning to take a new shape with the body so it can lead you to take a unique shape with the mind. Teaching yoga is an effect that keeps life flowing and moving so as a yoga instructor my goal is to help people hit their flow of energy by releasing and strengthening. This will allow students to hit their flow on and off the mat and into their day-to-day life to bring peace and balance to themselves.”

Meet Rachel, RYT 200 HR

“Hi I’m Rachel! From a very early age, movement and exercise have played an important role in my life. After sustaining an injury to my foot as a teenager, I found yoga in hope to heal and reconnect to my body. Many years later, further trauma led me back to my yoga mat to regain strength and purpose in life. It was then I realized yoga is like a glue that keeps my life together. This gave me the desire to help others alleviate suffering and unleash their full potential through the practice of yoga and meditation. I completed my yoga teacher training in Costa Rica and became certified through Yoga Alliance in 2021. My classes incorporate a mix of vinyasa and hatha yoga styles, with an emphasis on breath work and mindfulness to help heal and connect with the body, mind, and soul.
I hope to make yoga and meditation more accessible for all people. I believe everyone has light inside them and that movement can be a powerful way to help that light shine. Come let your light shine!”

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