Hi my name is Tessa Jones, creator and owner of Traverses Yoga LLC. This is my first business, and it has truly been a learning curve. I enjoy nothing more than the practice of yoga and what it brings into my life, so naturally I wanted to share that love.

Before I started my journey towards yoga, I grew up active and playing sports. In high school I played basketball, volleyball, and track & field. I received a scholarship to play basketball in college, all of that time on the court was hard on my body resulting in tons of injuries. When I was 19 years old and living in Silver City, my friend wanted to check out a local yoga studio called “The Lotus”. That is when I fell in love with yoga. From that time on I practiced from the comfort of my home and would never go into a studio. When I moved to California I would experience hot yoga for the first time. Set in a room of 100+ degrees, packed with other people, sweating on top of each other, and moving as one. After discovering more of the yogi life, I decided I wanted to become an instructor. Fast forward to 2020, the pandemic hits and life as we knew it changed. I wanted more from that time stuck inside, so my roommate and I decided to go through a 5 month, 200 hour registered yoga teacher training. We sat on the living room floor, 5 hours every Sunday to learn the history, practice the asana, learn the limbs of yoga, and more. There was so much personal growth gained plus a new set of tools.

I was spending a lot of my off time traveling and exploring new cities, towns, and hiking trails when I graduated college. When I was thinking of a business name after I completed my certification I thought what better name then what I have been using to describe myself on instagram (you can find my private account here: @Tessa_traverses). I wanted to keep it the same across the board so it would be easy to recognize. I chose “traverses” because it started with a “T” and had to do with traveling. Not many people know what the definition of “traverse”, so here it is….

“Travel across or through”

What does that have to do with yoga? When you do yoga you technically travel across your mat when moving, as well as space and time. We travel across our mind to find peace and the motivation you might be looking for. Our souls are what is meant to do the real traveling. We go through life always looking for our highest and most authentic self. We must go through some crazy things to get there and yoga is what keeps us grounded.

I have big plans for Traverses Yoga! You are more than welcome to travel with me on this exciting journey.


Tessa J.

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